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Glossary + Common Abbreviations

Feel as though you are speaking an entirely new language? Don't worry, you'll soon find yourself completely fluent. In the meantime, consider the following a quick primer. 

10/7 - sorry for the rough edges - page still a work-in-progress

AC - AppleCheeks (diaper brand)
AI2 - All-in-Two (type of diaper)
AIO - All-in-One (type of diaper)
Aplix - type of diaper closure (another name for Velcro)

BB - Bottombumpers (diaper brand); Bestbottoms (diaper brand); Blueberry (diaper brand)
BG - bumGenius (diaper brand)
BG4.0 - bumGenius 4.0 Pocket (specific type of diaper from bumGenius, replaced the 3.0)
BGE - bumGenius Elemental (specific type of diaper from bumGenius; replaced the 'bumGenius Organic')
BSB - Bright Star Baby (retired brand; from the makers of Fishnoodles and Peachy Green)
Bamboo - natural fiber, absorbent while still very trim-fitting
Boosters - another word for 'doubler

CV - Cotton Velour - treatment of cotton fibers to produce a plush surface
Contour - type of diaper
Cotton - natural fiber diaper material


EUC - Excellent Used Condition (quality designation assigned by sellers of used goods)

FB - Fuzzibunz (diaper brand)
FN - Fishnoodles (retired brand; from the makers of Bright Star Baby and Peachy Green)
Fluff/y - endearing term for cloth diapers - ie. 'My daughter's fluffy bum' or 'I received fluffy mail.' 

GUC - Good Used Condition (quality designation assigned by sellers of used goods)

Hemp - very absorbent natural fiber mixed with cotton to offer a soft yet durable fabric for diapers - popular hemp brands include BabyKicks and Hemp Babies and Thirsties Hemp Prefolds
Hook & Loop - type of diaper closure (like Velcro)
Hybrid - refers to a diaper that can be used with a cloth inner or disposable inner - popular brands include gDiapers, Flip and GroVia (yes, all Hybrids are also All-in-Two brands, but not all AI2 brands are hybrids).

Insert - generic term referencing the absorbent inner of the diaper, some inserts are sewn into place while others are removable and thus interchangeable 

Liner - multiple meanings - some brands use 'liner' to refer to anything that goes inside the diaper, while others use 'liner' to refer to a non-absorbent item added to the diaper to protect the diaper's surface

KL - Kissaluvs (brand of diapers)

Natural Fiber - items made of cotton, bamboo or hemp

OBF - Organic Bamboo Fleece
OBV - Organic Bamboo Velour 

PF - Prefold (type of diaper)
PLVD - Preloved (aka 'used) 
PUL - Polyurethane Laminate (waterproofing fabric)
PW - Planet Wise (wet bag brand)
Prefold -

RaR - Rumparooz (diaper brand)
RG/RnG - Rockin' Green (detergent brand)
RMD - Rocky Mountain Diapers
Repelling - 

SB - Softbums (diaper brand); Swaddlebees (diaper brand)
Sbish/Sloomb - sustanablebabyish (diaper brand)
SU - SuperUndies (training pant brand)
Sized - unlike OS diapers, sized diapers fit specific weight ranges 
Skirty -
Snaps - alternate diaper closure to Hook & Loop/Aplix/Velcro
Soaker - multiple meanings - a. soaker can refer to a diaper cover made of fleece or wool or b. soaker can refer to the absorbent inner part of the diaper that soaks up the urine
Stash - refers to your collection of cloth diapers 
Stripping - special wash method that removes any buildup from diapers 
Suedecloth - stay-dry fabric that wicks moisture away from baby's bottom
Synthetic Fiber - refers to a diapering item made of polyester or other man-made fiber

TPU - Thermoplastic Polyurethane (waterproofing fabric)

VGUC - Very Good Used Condition (quality designation assigned by sellers of used goods)

WAHM - Work at Home Mom (aka when you buy from a WAHM, such as myself, you are supporting someone who stays home with her children while simultaneously running a business)
WB - Woollybottoms
wet bag - essentially a washable Ziploc bag, used to transport and store used diapers
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