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Charlie Banana One-Size Pocket

Price $20.88 -  $119.88 

Product Details
  • A fantastic one-size stay-dry pocket diaper - super soft elastic casings are gentle on legs, quick 'bra-strap' adjustment makes shifting between sizes easy, leg, waist and hip snaps (and the option to crossover the wings) ensures a custom fit. 
  • Simply stuff the microfiber insert into the pocket and you are ready to go. 
  • Front pocket opening helps keep any mess away from the inserts - and makes spraying dirty diapers easier. 
  • Made in China. 
  • Sold individually or in boxed sets of six (save up to $2.40 per diaper with boxed sets). Individual diapers each come with two inserts. Boxed sets insert counts vary. 

Size Information
  • One-Size: approx. 9lbs - 35lbs

Colors and Prints Available - Individual Diapers
Classic Collection
White, Butter, Sage, Baby Blue

Periwinkle, Bubblegum, Royal Blue

Orange, Baby Pink

Fashion Collection
Black, Hot Pink, Shanghai Green, Turquoise

Red, Aqua, Yellow, Lavender

Prints & Characters
Butterflies, Lovey & Dovey on Yellow, Red Petite Coeur on White

Colors and Prints Available - Boxed Sets
includes six diapers and six inserts

Unisex - Hot
includes six diapers and twelve inserts

Tutti Frutti
includes six diapers and twelve inserts

Tango Mango
includes six diapers and twelve inserts

Matthew Langille Boy Collection
includes six diapers and twelve inserts

Matthew Langille Girl Collection
includes six diapers and twelve inserts

Classic Collection

Fashion Collection

Prints & Characters

Boxed Sets

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