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The mission of Itsy Bitsy Bums is simple - make cloth diapering easy and accessible for anyone and everyone interested! 

An important note - I always answer customer emails, no matter how simple or complex the message. I've heard from several customers lately who have not received replies, nor have I received an error message. If you do not receive a reply after two business days feel free to contact me again. Please do not assume I ignored your email.

Timing: Please allow two business days for me to reply. 

Abby Flores, owner
Kansas City, MO

***Please ensure to add my email address to your address book. Some email systems find me spammy (especially true of Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo), which is so sad. If you email me and do not hear back, please check your Spam folder.**

Please include following in your message
  • name
  • how you prefer to be contacted - phone (with area code, please!) or email
  • brief description of inquiry (schedule party, purchase help, wash routine, fit, etc.)
I strive to return all calls within one business day and emails within forty-eight hours, but sometimes it can take a bit longer. If the matter is urgent please indicate so in your message. Please understand my time is first and foremost spent caring for my family. If we are having a busy day, or my daughter is having a particularly hard time with teething or what have you, I likely cannot work  as planned. I value my customers greatly, and always appreciate your patience as I continue to learn to navigate life as a working mother.

Why I believe 'Contact Me' is so important (and you will read it a lot on the website!) 

As a graduate student in art history, I had the opportunity to teach undergraduate introduction courses. I ended each class with the same farewell - 'please contact me if you have any questions.' Every. single. class. And you know what - after hearing that phrase every. single. class. students  who otherwise might shy away from seeking help started to email me! 

I want you to know you can call me with any questions or concerns, so I will offer you the same reminder with every purchase and every encounter and every turn - if you have any questions, please contact me! - because I believe it is that important to hear.

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