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Kiwi Pie One-Size Bamboo Fitted (from the makers of GroVia®)

Price $25.00

Product Details
  • The Kiwi Pie One Size Bamboo Fitted Diaper is a unique, hand-made fitted diaper that has great absorbency as well as a trim fit. The bamboo fleece is a blend of bamboo and Lycra that gives the diaper lots of stretch and squishy softness! 
  • Shell - made of two layers of bamboo blend and one layer of cotton knit designer print. 
  • Soaker - two four-layer soakers that can be used separately or together, depending on the size setting and absorbency needs of your little one. 
  • Snapping closures - durable poly-resin snaps coordinate with the adorable outer print
  • Made in Bozeman, Montana (home of GroVia®)
  • Abby adds - so many people ask - 'fitteds require covers to be waterproof, so why buy something so cute if it needs to be covered?' Correct. To be waterproof fitteds require a cover. However, high-quality fitteds made of super-absorbent materials like bamboo or hemp can go an hour or two before any moisture even reaches the outside of the diaper. For this reason, your little one can sport a coverless fitted around the house - and you know a matching tee would likely be involved.

Size Information
  • One-Size: 8-35+lbs
    • for smaller babies - snap the rise all the way down and lay the smaller soaker in the shell (snaps away from baby)
    • for larger babies - unsnap the rise snaps, snap two soakers together and lay the soakers in the shell

Prints Available
Note - as these are all hand-sewn by a WAHM (work-at-home mom) - availability fluctuates. 

Boyz Rock, Cityscape

Dino Stripe, Girlz Rock

Organic Squirrel, Pony Up


Chickadee, Patsy Panda

Galaxy, Groovy

African Animals, Ooga Booga Girl

Vintage Owls, Pink Pups

Denim Dogs (image note - the dogs are a navy color), Mushroom

Gumdrop Ooga (image note - check out swatch for color reference)

Retro Transportation, Race Cars

Fast Finish, Gala Floral

Spring Stripe, Tiny Turtles


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