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Ready to Return Your Rental?

My rental is coming to a close. What do I do now? 
Wash your diapers one final time -  Ensure they are completely dry when packed! Even slightly damp diapers can grow mold while in transit. 

Pack the diapers - no special packing required (aka bubble wrap, or repackaging the diapers with their cardboard tags)

Ship them back to
Itsy Bitsy Bums
6300 Walnut St
Kansas City MO 64113

Quick and dirty shipping guide (short answer - USPS will be your cheapest bet unless you are shipping 2+ rentals, in which case UPS might come in a hair cheaper)
  1. United States Postal Service - Anything over 13oz automatically must ship priority. So, find the way that is the cheapest for you - I recommend a snagging a Large Flat Rate Priority Box at the post office. The packaging is free, and this flat rate box is generally the cheapest way to get them back. If you are just a few states away then a regular priority box (which the PO will happily provide for free) will likely come in cheaper than the Large Flat Rate. Be sure to ask for delivery confirmation so you can track the diapers along the way. Do not ship the diapers back Parcel Post. Parcel Post often takes 2+ weeks, and pretty much leaves me and the next renter hanging. Rentals shipped via Parcel Post are subject to a $25 late fee. If you do want to ship Parcel Post, then you must ship the diapers back at least two weeks prior to your rental's end date to allow for the extended shipping time.
  2. UPS - Our address is a commercial address, not residential. So they should give you a cheaper rate for this. UPS Ground is the cheapest UPS option, and typically comes in a few dollars more than USPS. 
  3. FedEx - No recommendations here, other than ask at the counter for tips on the lowest shipping cost. 

Insurance? It is up to you. Please know that the diapers are considered in your possession until they reach me (just as the diapers are considered mine until they reach you, and I would have to cover any loss if the rental didn't make it to you). If they are lost along the way having insurance is a very nice way to protect your temporary investment. 

Once you've shipped the diapers back, please send me an email confirming that they are on their way. Also include the tracking information in this email. 

We inspect diapers in batches, with most rentals inspected 7 days from receipt, so please do not be concerned if you do not receive immediate confirmation of receipt. Once I've inspected the rental I will send you a reply email, confirming receipt, condition and the deposit value you are owed. Don't want to have any lag between your rental and the next size of diapers? Check out the 'Want to keep disposables off your baby's bottom and away from your wallet?' section below!

Miss a cover or diaper in your initial package to IBB? You have seven days to let me know this item was located and mail it back. If I haven't received the package within one week of my email inquiring about any missing items, they are considered purchased and mementos for your baby's memory box. 

What Now? 
You have both a 10%-off coupon* and the option of receiving your deposit as store credit (complete with a $30 bump in deposit) for doing the newborn diaper rental, so keep that in mind as you shop for the next diapers you need. *Thirsties, bumGenius, Econobum, Flip and GroVia ineligible for any discount, and AppleCheeks limited to 5%. That said, there are often volume discounts for these items - contact me to hear more about this. Please note 10% off coupon and $175 store credit cannot be redeemed on the same transaction. Want to pre-crunch some numbers? Please see below - 'Store Credit Fine Print' for more details. 

Time to buy the diapers you'll use for the next stage of cloth diapering. Know what you want, great! If you don't know what you want, I recommend one of the store's trial packages. This will give you a great idea of what kind of diapers will work best for you. 
To spend your store credit, feel free to either email your purchase to me. I'll apply the relevant discounts and credit and invoice you for any balance owed. Or, shop through the website, and I'll refund the $175 store credit on the back end. 

Want to keep disposables off your baby's bottom and away from your wallet? 
This is an option many parents have opted for, as it ensures they save the most money possible with cloth, in addition to keeping disposables off baby's bottom and out of the landfill. 

Email me your order 1-4 weeks before your rental is due to end. I'll draw up an invoice for this total. You pay the invoice, and I get these items shipped to you toot sweet. Get these items prepped and incorporated into your stash. Once you are using your new stash, then drop the rental diapers in the mail to me. Once the diapers arrive I then give them their once-over, then refund the store credit deposit value back to you (pending, of course, that the items arrive in Good Used Condition or better, and the package arrives complete.

This option temporarily requires a bit more out of your pocket, but at the end of the day is the same price as returning the trial, then ordering the next size up. 

  • The $30 bump in your deposit value is my way of saying thank you for your continued patronage. We hope make everyone's cloth diapering journey as easy and enjoyable as humanly possible. The newborn rental is an amazing step along that journey. So, thank you! 
  • To spend your $175 credit, you can either shop through the website and I'll refund on the back-end; or - email me your order and I'll invoice you for any balance owed.
  • Store credit must be spent in one chunk. If you would prefer to spend in multiple waves just let us know. Shipping on your first credit order is free, and subsequent credit orders will be charged actual shipping. 
  • Please note the $175 credit can only be spent on full-price items - any sale prices, volume discounts, rental 10% off coupon and/or other promotions cannot be combined with the credit. Why? This is to respect that many manufacturers have pricing guarantees in place. To offer both $30 in free money and combine with a discount undervalues both the product itself and my manufacturer relationships. I value both my customers and manufacturers immensely and this is my way of showing so. Come again, Abby? In other words, use the $175 to buy the next stash of diapers, and save your 10% off coupon for another purchase down the road. Most find, once they get their new stash into rotation, that there are a few more items they would like to add to make their cloth and accessory stash complete. 
  • Store Credit value expires six months from date we confirm rental receipt and refund owed. 
  • Wondering about something not covered here? Feel free to email. 
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