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Rocky Mountain One Size Pocket Diaper

Price $18.95

Product Details
  • Easy to use - just wraps around baby and snaps closed
  • Easy to adjust - Rocky Mountain Diapers features an internal adjustment system that allows for a trim tailored fit to your baby's body type
  • Simple Shape - no snap adjustments on the front of the diaper
  • Tangle-Free Laundry - snaps, not Velcro®, ensures diapers do not stick together in the laundry
  • One Size Diaper - internal rise adjustment allows for diaper to fit well from newborn diapering to potty learning
  • Stay-Dry - the suede-cloth inner keeps baby's bum dry all day or night
  • Leg Gathers - generous gathers around the leg holes to prevent leaks
  • Made in the USA
  • Each diaper comes with one microfiber insert

Size Information
  • One-size diaper: fits most 7lbs-30+lbs

    Colors & Prints Available
    Limited Edition - Chickadee

    Limited Edition - Later Gator

    Limited Edition - Iced Giraffes 

    Rocky Mountain Diapers are now only available by special order - please contact me to arrange your order.

    Important Tips and Tricks
    • To adjust the leg opening/rise
      • Simply unsnap the elastic from its current setting and pull tighter for smaller babies or loosen as your baby grows
      • No need to unsnap the leg 
      • Foldover microfiber insert to accommodate rise of the diaper - put extra absorption towards the front for boys, and the back for girls - or leave flat for older babies
    • Do not put microfiber insert directly against baby's skin, it is terribly drying (after all, it is designed to be extra-absorbent) and can cause horrible irritations
    • Change the entire diaper at each diaper change, remove the insert before laundering and wash both the cover and insert before using again 
    • Do not stretch the diaper right out of the dryer as this can weaken the elastic
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