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Newborn Diaper Rental

Are you soon to be blessed with a new bundle of joy? Do you know someone who you would like to introduce to the joys of cloth diapering? Are you an new grandparent looking for a unique gift?

Consider renting a Newborn Package!

Newborn Rental Package - $270 ($125 rental fee + $145 refundable deposit*)

Your Newborn Package includes

Package Details
  • In short, all the diapers you need to cloth diaper a newborn, doing laundry every 2 days. 
  • The rental period is twelve weeks long. This gives adequate time for the new little one to reach the size (10-12 pounds) at which most one-size diapers begin to fit.
  • Rental extensions available in four-week increments, click here to purchase
  • All of the diapers and covers are new
  • Want even more diapers, add a Bitsy Boost to your rental! 
  • Need all the extras? Purchase an One Stop Shop Accessories Package - wipes, wetbags and more (package savings over $20)! 
  • Have questions? Check out the Newborn Diaper Rental FAQs
  • Would you like your diapers already prepped and ready to go when they arrive to you? Let me do the work! 
  • Want to save even more money? Previously Loved Packages available here (a $75 savings!)
  • Timing? 
    • Rental must be ordered at least six weeks prior to your estimated due date
    • Are you four to six weeks from your EDD? Order the 'rush package' option instead. 
    • Less than four weeks from your EDD? Contact me before placing your order. 
Ready to Return your Rental? Details here.

Colors Available

Left to Right - Neutral, Girlish, Boyish 
Your package's covers will be a mix and match assortment from the colors pictured above. 

Select Color
My EDD -

By purchasing this item you agree to the terms outlined below ('The Terms'). 

Diapering multiples? Want something different? Customize a Newborn Rental Package! Contact me for details!

Isaac @ 6 weeks, approx. 6.5lbs

The Terms
  • Upon purchase, the total (deposit + rental fee) will be charged.
  • For guaranteed delivery please order at least six weeks prior to your due date. 
  • The trial officially begins the day your baby is born. Unofficially, the trial begins whenever you start using the diapers - I just ask that this be within one week of your baby's birth. 
  • Please ensure you only wash your diapers in CD-safe detergent and use CD-safe rash creams.
  • Please agree to use the diapers only in non-smoking homes. For any diapers returned smelling of smoke or an odor-masking product like Febreze®, the diaper's retail value will be deducted from your deposit as damaged product.
  • I will issue you a refund for all items returned in good used condition. 'Good used condition' means the diapers have seen normal wear and tear, are still in working condition and are returned clean and dry (stains are to be expected, and fine).
  • *Refund method is your choice: 
    • $145 refunded via Paypal
    • $175 refunded in the form of store credit - get $30 extra dollars to spend as you like! Store credit expires six months after issuance. 
  • For any diaper returned damaged beyond reasonable wear and tear I will deduct the diaper's retail value from your deposit.
  • Any diapers received 10-20 business days after rental completion will lose $5 per day from package deposit. Any diapers kept 20+ days after trial completion will be considered purchased and ineligible for deposit refund. 
  • Local customers - Feel free to arrange pickup rather than shipment of your diapers. During your pick-up appointment we can talk through any questions you have about the diapers, laundry or the like. You are responsible for arranging an appointment for the return of the diapers, or shipping the diapers back. 
  • Please note colors and prints will be a selection of the colors pictured. I try to include three different colors and one print in each package as inventory dictates. If you have specific colors or prints you wish to receive, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate your request.
  • Cancellation policy for packages ordered 6+ weeks out - If you decide you need to cancel your Newborn Diaper Rental, please refer to the following options, and contact me asap. 
    • If you cancel the rental before it has shipped: $245 will be refunded to you. 
    • If you cancel the rental after it has arrived to you, and all the diapers are still new in packaging: $230 will be refunded to you. You are responsible for shipping costs back to me.
    • If you cancel the rental after the diapers are washed: $145 will be refunded to you. You are responsible for shipping costs back to me. (I apologize, but prorating the rental based on how little or much you have used the washed diapers is not an option, as once they are washed they are considered 'used,' whether it was one wash or one hundred.)
  • Cancellation policy for RUSH packages:
    • Once your order is placed, the diapers are coming directly to you and there isn't an option to cancel outright. Instead, if you cancel the rental after it has arrived to you, and all the diapers are still new in package, $230 will be refunded to you. You are responsible for shipping costs back to me. 
    • If you cancel the rental after the diapers are washed, $145 will be refunded to you. You are responsible for shipping costs back to me. 
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