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Prepped and Ready to Go!

photograph by Rebecca B! 

Price $10.00 - $37.50

The Details
  • Interested in receiving your diapers prepped and ready to go? Take out the guesswork and elbow grease and let me do the laundry for you!
  • Your diapers arrive to you ready to immediately go on your little one's bum!
  • All diapers will be washed in Country Save; Rockin' Green Hard Rock in Bare Naked Babies (unscented) is available for an additional charge
    • Please allow an extra day or two for your diapers to be delivered or shipped if you select Prepped and Ready to Go!
    • Please note, for simplicity's sake I've used the word 'diapers' in the shopping cart below. In this case, the word 'diaper' refers to any item that needs to be washed, whether it be a wet bag, pail liner, Thirsties cover or absorbent inner or doubler. So, count the total number of items on your order that you want prepped for you, and that is the # you need to purchase below.

    Select Quantity and Detergent

    More Details

    • Please note Itsy Bitsy Bum's return policy requires all diapers to be returned new, unwashed and unworn, in packaging; using Prepped and Ready to Go means these diapers are yours for keeps (barring, of course, any quality issues which will of course be honored per manufacturer's quality guarantees)
    • About prepping
      • A natural fiber diaper requires 3-5 hot washes to be ready to absorb all your little one can throw at it (although the absorbency will continue to increase with each wash, upwards of 10 washes)
      • Synthetic fiber diapers and covers require 1 hot wash to rid them of any manufacturing hangers-on
    • If you are buying a variety of diapers, feel free to purchase the slot once for your total order quantity
    • If you would only like a portion of your order prepped, please indicate so in your check-out comments

    Read on for more about the bath your diapers will take...

    • All natural fiber (NF) diapers are washed five times on hot with detergent
    • Prefolds will be machine dried between hot loads
    • All NF diapers receive a final hot rinse with a bit of Ecover Fabric Softener to ensure they are soft and squishy for your little one's bottom
    • All synthetic fiber (SF) diapers are washed once on hot with detergent
    • All SF diapers are hung to dry
    • Diapers are washed in batches of 20 

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