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Fuzzibunz Perfect Size

Price $17.95

Product Details
  • A sized diaper provides you with an extremely trim fit
  • Did you know that most babies only go through two sizes of Fuzzibunz from birth to potty training? Size Small from 0-6 months and Mediums from 6-36 months (additional sizes are available for special needs or hard to fit babies - please contact me for more information)
  • Fuzzibunz Perfect Size diapers feature durable snap closures, stretchy leg elastic, a wicking fleece layer and stuffable pocket for customized absorbency

How To Use
  • Stuff the microfiber insert inside the pocket of the diaper, ensuring it lays flat and fully extends from front to back (you can either stuff pockets immediately after laundry time, or as you need diapers - whatever is easiest). 
  • Note: Microfiber should never be placed directly against baby's bottom - its super-strength absorbency will quickly draw all of the moisture out of baby's skin and cause irritation.
  • Lay diaper beneath baby and secure snaps for a custom fit (I like to secure the lower 'hip' snap on each leg before securing the snaps at the waist). 
  • After use, the entire diaper goes into the diaper pail. You do not reuse the shell of the diaper until it is laundered.
  • Ensure the insert is removed prior to laundry time (I like to hold the diaper at the front edge over the pail and shake until the insert falls out). 
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Left to Right - Grape, Apple Green, Buttercream

Mint, White, Mac N' Cheese

Kumquat, Crushed Berries, Big Sky

Cotton Candy, Tootie Frootie, Watermelon

Blueberry, Choco Truffle

June 2011 update - At the present I'm not going to stock Perfect Size Fuzzibunz in the store. However, if you are interested in ordering them I'm happy to arrange a special order. Fuzzibunz special order minimum - 10 Perfect Size diapers. Turn around time is ~ 1-2 weeks. 

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