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GroVia Hybrid System - Shells

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Product Details
  • A One-Size All-in-Two diaper cover that allows you to pick the absorbent inner - from fitteds to prefolds to flats, to GroVia®'s own snap-in Organic Cotton Soaker Pads or BioSoaker disposable inserts. 
  • The option of BioSoaker disposable inserts makes this a great choice for traveling, daycare, or any other time you want to stay as close to your cloth diapering routine as possible.
  • When the soaker is wet, simply change it out for a new one. If the cover is soiled, place in the pail and use a new shell+soaker.
  • Please note, this listing is just for a shell, purchase GroVia® Organic Cotton Soaker Pads or GroVia® BioSoaker disposable inserts separately.
  • Choose between hook & loop and snapping closures 
  • Fairly and conscientiously made in China

What Do I Need? 
  • To use the GroVia® Hybrid System full time, I recommend:
    • Newborns: 2-5+ shells, 12-15 soakers
    • Infants: 2-3+ shells, 8-10 soakers
    • Toddlers: 2+ shells, 6-8 soakers
  • Note: these recommendations are per day. For more days, simply multiply by the number of days you want to go between washing. 

    Size Information
    • One size: fits from approximately 8 to 35+lbs 

    Prints & Solids Available

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    use with a Biosoaker disposable insert or GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker, as shown above, or over any of your favorite fitteds, prefolds, contours or flats

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