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GroVia® Hybrid System - BioSoakers® (50 count)

Price $19.99

Product Details
  • The GroVia® BioSoaker® is a perfect solution for cloth diapering on the go! Use when on vacation, at daycare, running errands, or any other time you want to marry cloth diapering with the convenience of a disposable. 
  • To use: Simply attach the BioSoaker® to your GroVia® or GroBaby shell, or any other diaper cover. You can even use the sticky tab to adhere the soaker to cotton underwear = instant trainers!
  • Fragrance & Dye Free, Plastic & Chlorine Free
  • Compost, dispose or flush (the elastic has not been tested for biodegradability nor compostability - please remove tabs before composting). 
  • Contents
    • Super soft lining: Certified natural, 100% Ingego spun bound non-woven fabric. Compostable to EN13432 (EU) standard and ASTM D 6400 (USA)
    • Core: Sustainably harvested wood pulp fibers, containing a minimal amount of SAP gel.
    • Waterproof outer: The Bio-Film used (fecula) is waterproof and 100% natural. Compostable to the following standard: EN 13432 (EU).
  • BioSoakers® hold US Patent No. 8115050
    • Made with Ingeo Fibers, a renewable fiber, free of harsh synthetic chemicals and preservatives
    • Fairly and conscientiously made in China
    • 50 BioSoakers per package

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