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Diaper Liners

Diaper Liners are small pieces of fabric or disposable material which are laid into a diaper to create a barrier between baby's bottom and the diaper's surface. Common uses for liners: wick moisture away from baby's bottom, protect diapers from a non-CD-safe rash cream or to prevent poop from touching the diaper's surface (in other words - just toss the liner+poop into the toilet and flush away).

For wicking moisture from baby's bottom: I recommend Fleece Liners. These can be laid over any natural fiber diaper (ie. fitted, prefold, contour or flat) to keep little one feeling dry. 

For protecting diapers from contraband rash creams or poopy messes: I recommend biodegradable liners. These disposable inserts can be laid into any diaper as a barrier, then flushed or thrown away.

For those super-sensitive bottoms: I recommend silk liners. Silk will not be quite as effective as a polyester liner for wicking moisture, but it will still offer some wicking power. AND, the natural anti-bacterial properties have been known to help heal any raw or broken skin. 

Important to note - liners do not add any absorbency to a diaper, they merely act as a protective layer between the diaper and baby's bottom. Looking for options that are absorbent? Check out these disposable inserts.

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