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Itsy Bitsy Bums Fleece Liner

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Product Information
  • Fleece is a versatile and economical liner choice!
  • Perfect for overnights or any other time you want a moisture-wicking layer between baby's bottom and a natural fiber diaper.
  • Want an easy poop-containment system? A fleece layer makes it easy to shake solid waste into the toilet.
  • Need to use a heavy-duty rash cream? A fleece layer protects cloth diapers from pore-clogging skin treatments (ensure any liners used with CD-contraband creams are washed separately from diapers).
  • Fleece liners are a greener alternative to disposable diaper liners. 
  • Made from premium quality Make It Green Fleece (30% recycled plastic products/70% polyester). 
  • Liner measures 14" x 5" and can be folded to suit a wide variety of diapers
  • Custom sizes available! Please contact me for more details. 

    Prints Available
    Jungle Animals, Scattered Daisies  

    Honey Bees, Eco-Green

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    Please note you can adjust quantities once item is in your shopping cart. 

    Place on top of folded prefold and then secure diaper around baby as usual

    Lay on top of a trifolded prefold for an economical and easy alternative to a pocket diaper!

    Layer over any natural fiber diaper to create a wicking layer

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