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Behind the Scenes

On Cloth Diapering

One morning my beautiful five-week-old Baby Girl decided to have five dirty diapers in the span of ten minutes. No sooner had I undressed, cleaned, diapered and redressed her little bum than she would christen yet another disposable diaper. I dutifully bound each diaper into a little softball of yuckiness and stacked them at the edge of the changing table (at this point we still were primarily changing her in our bedroom and the diaper pail was in the nursery). As I looked over the last ten minutes of our life together I suddenly became irrationally angry (thank you post-partum hormone shifts!). What an absolute waste of money (at that point I had calculated diaper costs down to the tenth of a cent - I knew then exactly how much money I was about to literally throw away). And that small pyramid of diapers would soon find itself occupying landfill space for hundreds of years.

This could not continue!

It was in that moment that I finally decided to switch to cloth diapers. 

I will admit we considered cloth diapers at various points throughout my pregnancy. I even did a bit of research on gDiapers, as they tended to be the brand with the most mainstream exposure. I quickly became overwhelmed with the slew of information Google turned-up, and decided it was not for us. However, after that fateful morning I became resolute in our decision to switch, and spent days researching what would be best for us. 

Apart from the irrational anger shift, I thank heavens for that fateful July morning. Cloth diapering has been such a blessing to our family! It enables us to know exactly what chemicals (or lack thereof) are going on our baby's bottom. It allowed me to take control when post-partum depression seemed to be all-consuming. It ensures we are doing our best to impact the health of both the environment and our checking account. Most importantly, it has provided me an opportunity through which to share my enthusiasm and passion with families just like yours!  

Welcome to Itsy Bitsy Bums! 

What is an Itsy Bitsy Bum? 
Changing a newborn's diapers can be a challenging feat. Not only are you sleep deprived and a wee bit confused as to which end is up, but you also are working with a baby who generally does not like to be changed. In our house the solution was 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider.' Bless his heart, that spider made multiple appearances at every diaper change for the first couple of months. And nothing seemed more apropos than to honor the little guy who first made my baby girl smile (I refuse to admit those actually were probably gas bubbles). 

Introducing Myself
I have a Masters Degree in Art History as well as three years spent in Corporate America, working on merchandising and sourcing for Target Corporation. Looking back, I believe both careers were pathways to where I am today - a work-at-home mom who values helping others through leadership and teaching. Because I work from home I am afforded the wonderful opportunity to watch my Baby Girl grow into a lovely Little Lady.

Our Little Family
I have been married to my wonderful husband Mark for almost eight years! He is not only my rock, but also Itsy Bitsy Bums's CFO and shipping clerk (he can tape a mean flat rate  box in thirty seconds flat). We have one beautiful baby girl who is quickly becoming a miniature adult. Her wit, brilliance and beauty continue to amaze me every day. She is also Itsy Bitsy Bum's Chief  Diaper Inspector - it is a rare diaper will cross her path that is not immediately examined. 

Musings On My Own Diaper Stash 
There are several types of diapers (as I am sure you have discovered), and I initially found myself frozen with all of the possibilities. Once someone pointed out that you do not wear the same clothes day after day (meaning, you have some that are purely functional, some that are pretty, some that are very fancy), it clicked! Variety is the spice of life, and this is no exception to a cloth diaper stash! I have far too many diapers, but, to me, each has its own place in my daughter's first year of life and I doubt I will ever be able to part with a single one. I leave you with my most recent stash shot.....

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