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AppleCheeks Washable Swim Diaper

Price $18.60

Product Details
  • A super soft AND super cute swim solution!
  • AppleCheeks signature two-size system - with snaps at the hips and at the waist and super-soft elastic at the legs and waist - ensures a great fit on a baby of any size
  • Why do I need a swim diaper? Swim diapers, whether disposable or cloth, are designed to allow urine and water to flow out while trapping any solid waste (even runny breastmilk poo stays trapped in an AppleCheeks swim diaper!). Repurposing the outer of a regular diaper isn't a safe move - for your baby or your diapers. Regular diaper shells are designed to hold in any waste AND water, and easily could weigh your baby down. In addition, regular exposure to chlorine will cause your diaper's PUL and elastic to disintegrate.
  • Inner layer is a fine white mesh, and outer layer the same super-soft and super-bright AppleCheeks polyester outer (the same outer that you already love from the outside of their regular diapers, just unlaminated)
  • Designed and manufactured in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Size Information
  • Size 1: approximately 7-20lbs
  • Size 2: approximately 18-35+lbs

Colors Available
colors a bit washed out in the photos, and are more vivid in person
Mojito, Samoan Sunset
Siesta Key

Select Color and Size

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