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AppleCheeks Cover + Inserts

Price $19.00 - $29.80

Product Details
  • An outer layer of breathable, waterproof polyurethane laminated polyester (PUL), sewn to a buttery soft microfleece inner layer, so that only the softest touchest your baby's delicate skin
  • Snug, durable elastic at both the waist and legs for a gentle and secure fit
  • Two rows of easy-to-adjust snaps, allowing for a proper fit at the legs and waist
  • Can be used as a Cover or Pocket or All-in-Two diaper (see videos below)
  • Cover details
    • Use over your favorite flat, prefold, contour or fitted
    • With super-stretchy leg elastic, a trim fit and super-soft fleece against your baby's skin, it is sure to be one of your favorites! 
  • Pocket Diaper details
    • Fold insert into thirds and stuff into the pocket
    • Large envelope opening, easy for even the largest hands to stuff
    • No need to unstuff - the absorbent inserts come right out in the wash!
  • All-in-Two Diaper details
    • Simply trifold the bamboo insert and lay in the diaper shell
    • At diaper changes change out the bamboo insert and replace with a new insert
    • When cover is wet or soiled toss into the diaper pail and reach for a new cover
  • AppleCheeks inserts - super trim and super absorbent!
    • Bamboo Inserts
      • These inserts (made of rayon from bamboo) are perfect for the heaviest wetter, as bamboo retains twice as much moisture as cotton!
      • Plus, rayon from bamboo's antimicrobial properties make it the healthy choice for your baby's bottom. 
      • Trifolded, these inserts fit well into any cover!
      • 2pli insert -  made of two layers of ultra-soft fabric, giving you six layers of absorbency when trifolded. This is great for daytime or light overnight wetters. 
      • 3pli insert - made of three layers of ultra-soft fabric, giving your nine layers of absorbency when trifolded. This is great for heavy wetters or overnight use. 
      • Each measures 12" x 15" - 70% rayon from bamboo/30% organic cotton fleece
      • Sold individually
    • Stay-Dry Inserts
      • These new inserts are an innovative approach to AppleCheeks's AI2 diapering system. 
      • The inserts have a white side (a stay-dry fleece side) and a red-outlined side (the microfiber side). 
      • When using as an AI2 diaper, simply lay the snowy-white side against baby's bottom and you are good to go. 
      • When using as a Pocket diaper stuffer, stuff the insert with the red side up (in other words, no need to worry about the microfiber against baby's bottom, as you have the AppleCheek's shell fleece to protect baby's bottom. 
      • Looking for a super-duper nighttime diaper? Try the stay-dry insert with a 2pli and/or 3pli insert behind it. 
      • Sold in 2-packs.
  • AppleCheeks boosters
    • Need to increase the absorbency of your diaper just a bit? These boosters are a trim and easy option to add into any diaper.
    • Each booster is made from two thirsty layers of rayon from bamboo.
    • To use the bamboo booster - simply wrap it in a 2-pli insert and you have eight layers of absorbency just where your baby needs it most (ie. fold it in half and place up front for boys)
    • To use the Stay-Dry bamboo booster - place it on top of all inserts (note - if you are using your AppleCheeks cover as a pocket diaper, then you already have a wicking layer in place - this booster is best used when you are using your AppleCheeks cover as an All-in-Two system)
    • Bamboo Insert: 70% rayon from bamboo/30% organic cotton fleece
    • Stay-Dry Insert: 70% rayon from bamboo/30% organic cotton fleece, topped with polyester fleece
    • Sold individually
  • Made in Canada. 
  • Buying six or more shells and/or inserts? Check out the volume discounts available here.
Size Information
  • Size 1: approximately 7-20lbs
  • Size 2: approximately 18-40lbs
Storm, Appletini

Dark Chocolate, Cherry Tomato, Lemon Zest

Coriander, Forget Me Not

St Lucia, Raspberry Sorbet

Delicious, Wild Child

Lake Echo (black!) - Retired

Limited Availability - Mrs Robinson, St Lucia Too

Pick your cover's size and color. Then pick your insert type and absorbency. Need more oomph? Add a doubler! 

Appletini & Storm - Select Size

Size 1 Covers 

Size 2 Covers

Mrs Robinson & St Lucia Too - Select Size

Add an Insert

Add a Doubler

Note - you can adjust quantities once item is in shopping cart. 

Stay-Dry Insert & Intro Video

How To Use your AppleCheeks Diaper as a Pocket or an All-in-Two

Getting the Best Fit on Big Thighs!
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