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Training Pant Trial Package

Price $127 ($20 rental fee + $107 deposit)

Is your little one learning to use the potty, and you are learning to navigate the world of training pants? Or perhaps your toddler just needs some help overnight, and you are looking for something that reads more 'undies' and less 'diaper.' Or maybe a little of both? 

This package is for you! 

Included in the Package -

How it works
  1. Purchase the package (rental fee + fully-refundable deposit)
  2. Use the three week trial period to determine the brand(s) that best suit your needs. 
  3. Return any trainers and accessories that you do not wish to keep for a full refund (please see 'The Terms' below). 
  4. Purchase more of what you loved with your Trial Package's 10%-off coupon. 

Sizes Available
  • 20lbs - 40lbs+
  • Please indicate little one's weight below. 

Colors Available
  • Girlish - mix of yellows, browns, reds, purples, light blue and whites
  • Neutral - mix of yellows, browns, greens, blues and whites
  • Boyish - mix of yellows, browns, greens, blues, reds and whites

Select Colorway
Child's Weight
By purchasing you agree to Terms outlined below.

The Terms
  • Upon purchase, the total (deposit + rental fee) will be charged.
  • Please ensure you only wash your diapers in CD-safe detergent and use CD-safe rash creams.
  • Please agree to use the diapers only in non-smoking homes. Any diapers returned smelling of smoke or an odor-masking product like Febreze® will be deducted from your deposit as damaged product.
  • Feel free to keep all, some or none of your diapers and extras. I will issue you a refund for all items returned in good used condition. 'Good used condition' means the trainers have seen normal wear and tear, are still in working condition and are returned clean and dry (stains are to be expected, and fine).
  • For any item returned damaged beyond reasonable wear and tear I will deduct the item's retail value from your deposit.
  • Any trainers received 10-20 business days after trial completion will lose $1 per day from package deposit. Any diapers kept 20+ days after trial completion will be considered purchased and ineligible for deposit refund. 
  • Local customers - If you'd like to pick-up your trial in person, just let me know! We can talk through all of the trainers, as well as any questions you might have. You are responsible to contact me to schedule completed trial package drop-off. 

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