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Kissaluvs Pocket Trainers

Price $14.95 

Product Details
  • Waterproof, stuffable and kid-friendly!
  • Kids will enjoy the big-kid underwear feel and the super-cute prints inside. Along with the smart design that makes pulling them up and down easy, moms will love the convenience of side-snaps which make accident clean-up a breeze. 
  • Adjustable design with four snap settings, allowing you to adjust the legs and waist-openings as needed
  • Designer print flannel inner not only gets your child excited about their trainers, but also offers immediate feedback as child will feel moisture against their skin. You can even use the design to remind your child the goal of using the potty - ie - 'we don't want to get the dinosaurs wet.'
  • Two layers of microfiber are sewn inside the trainer, offering some absorbency if baby does have an accident, and a pocket opening at the back ensures you can stuff them for naps or nighttime. 
  • Pull-on or Snap-on
  • Waterproof PUL-outer ensures any accidents are well-contained.
  • Outer - 100% custom-milled PUL; Pocket Lining - 100% cotton flannel; Hidden Soaker - 2 layers of thirsty microfiber
  • Made in the USA.

Size Information
  • 2T: 20-32lbs
  • 3T: 28-40lbs

Colors Available

White + Bicycles, Brown + Bicycles (not pictured), Blue + Bicycles

Yellow + Dinosaurs, Blue + Dinosaurs 

Yellow + Safari, Brown + Safari

Select Color & Size

Bicycle-print flannel inner

Dinosaur-print flannel inner

Safari-print flannel inner

Myriad of snap-settings ensures a good fit on any size thigh and waist 

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