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SuperUndies Nighttime Undies

Price $29.95

Product Details
  • SuperUndies Nighttime Undies are waterproof training pants designed to help your child wake up with dry sheets. They come with nine layers of microfiber absorbency built-in, and fleece-covered leg and waist elastics for a comfortable and more leak-resistant fit.
  • Nighttime Undies are excellent both during the potty training process, as well as for minor child enuresis. 
  • What if your child is a heavy wetter or a deep sleeper? 
    • These Nighttime Undies can usually handle most levels of wetters, although they may require additional absorbency or be changed once through the night.
    • You can use a Step-Up insert, a Hemp Soaker Pad or an insert you already have in your stash to increase the absorbency of the Undies if required. 
    • SuperUndies herself adds: 'I personally have a bed wetter. He is six years old, wears a large, and wets a lot at night. We have outrageous success with these. If he pees in the night, he is able to feel it and wakes up. He squirms out of them in bed and falls back to sleep. He is able to put them on and take them off by himself, and he feels a lot better about himself in the morning. I have actually purchased disposable nighttime pants for him, but he refuses to wear them. He identifies disposables with baby diapers, and these cloth nighttime underwear are really clothing.'
    • Depending your little one's wetting habits you may still consider using a waterproof mattress pad on his/her bed just in case. 
  • Like a more thorough tour? Check out the video below!
  • Made in the USA

Size Information
For best results, please measure your baby before deciding on a size. 
  • Small
    • Waist 14-17"
    • Legs 9-11"
    • Rise 15"
    • Weight 22-28lbs
    • Typical Age 1.5-2 years
  • Medium
    • Waist 16-19"
    • Legs 10-13"
    • Rise 17"
    • Weight 28-35lbs
    • Typical Age 2.5-4 years
  • Large
    • Waist 16.5-22"
    • Legs 12-16"
    • Rise 19"
    • Weight 35-45lbs
    • Typical Age 4-6 years
  • Extra-Large available by special-order only, please email me
    • Waist 21-25"
    • Legs 13-17"
    • Rise 21"
    • Weight 45-60lbs
    • Typical Age 6-9  years
  • XX-Large available by special-order only, please email me
    • Waist 24-28"
    • Legs 15-19"
    • Rise 24"
    • Weight 60-75lbs
    • Typical Age 9-12 years

Colors Available
Midnight Blue Bandit, Moss Monster

Walloping Wallaby, Wild Orchid Fairy

Select Size & Color
Not finding the quantities and/or sizes to match your needs? Feel free to email me to arrange a special order!

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