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SuperUndies Step-Up Inserts

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On sale through Sept 3rd

Product Details
  • Add additional absorbency to your SuperUndies Pocket Trainers or Overnight Trainers with the Step-Up Insert. Add one, two or three additional inserts to help your trainers soak up even more - whether it be for a long car ride, nap time or when you need a break from running to the potty every twenty minutes. 
  • Step-Up Inserts are Super: 
    • For your child - optional inserts keep the diaper trim, additional inserts provide leak protection and additional absorbency
    • For you - allows you to dictate the level of natural consequence you want, each insert is the equivalent of two layers of microfiber to give you a wide range of absorption levels
    • For the environment - carbon footprint conscious, long-lasting inserts can be used for your next child or passed to a friend
  • One Step-Up Insert is perfect for: 
    • The introduction period to SuperUndies - going from a diaper to a thin training pant could shock a child if they leak the first time they use it. This could cause them to not like their new big-kid undies. Use one insert for some extra absorbency, and talk to your child about what might happen if they go potty in these without making it to the toilet. 
    • In the cart or at the park - of course there are times when you simply MUST have more absorbency. If you're heading to the mall or on a one-hour car trip, you need to know you are covered. The best thing about SuperUndies Training pants is that you can maintain a level of serious potty training focus but still make sure your car seat stays dry (adds SuperUndies herself - 'my child was fully potty trained at 25 months, but he peed every 45 minutes. That made it very difficult for me to get somewhere, and unfortunately my guy was very embarrassed when he wet himself. It is not their fault we can't always get them to a toilet, but having SuperUndies on can save the embarrassment of wet pants.'). 
  • Two Step-Up Inserts are perfect for: 
    • Nap time - Children usually have a rhythm or pattern to the times they go. They normally will pee just after waking up or, for those kids who stir a bit before waking, this may be when they go. Use two Step-Up inserts if you notice your child really wetting before they fully wake. Keep a good eye on their potty habits, though, because if you can decrease the inserts required to one, then you have a better chance at helping your child notice when s/he is wet. 
    • For young children just starting to potty train - If your child is under two years old and you want to start trying to potty train, change from a diaper to a Super Undies Pocket Trainer stuffed with two Step-Up inserts. This will give you daytime security of a normal cloth diaper while you begin the process of 'wet-awareness.' Talk to your child often about the potty, peeing, where peeing happens and start changing him/her in the bathroom. Even if you think your child does not understand all you are saying, stay-in constant communication about potty matters. After a small period of time (a week or two), reduce the amount of Step-Up inserts from two to one. Continue this process until natural consequences help your child understand it is uncomfortable to pee in his/her pants. 
    • For heavy wetters - simply put, some babies are very, very heavy wetters. For these babies the Step-Up insert ensures your SuperUndies are still the perfect potty training tool for you and your little one. Use two or three to match your baby's needs. 
  • Important note - as these are microfiber inserts - they should only be used stuffed into pockets, and should never be placed directly against baby's skin.  
  • Made in California. 

Size Information
  • Sizes match the SuperUndies trainers sizing. Ordering a Small Pocket Trainer? Order Small Step-Up inserts. Medium uses Medium inserts, etc. etc. 

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