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SuperUndies Pocket Training Pants

Price $19.95

Product Details
  • Pocket Training Pants and Pull-On Training Pants are very similar, with a few notable exceptions:
    • Pocket Trainers help along an easier transition from cloth diapers into the potty training mindset
    • Pocket Trainers can make use of step-up inserts for added absorbency
    • Pocket Trainers allow for easier snap-on/snap-off mess-free handling for mom
  • Materials
    • Inner Fabric Touching Baby - A smooth poly-Lycra blend (super-soft!)
    • Absorbency Layer - Microfiber Terry Cloth
    • Colored Outer Fabric - Waterproof PUL
    • White Stretchy Tabs - Lycra
  • Snap closures at the back allow for pull-on/off, or change little one laying down.
  • Add extra absorbency into the pocket for little ones just starting out. Use inserts already in your stash, or grab some SuperUndies Step-Up inserts.
  • Sizing note - if you plan on stuffing more than one or two inserts into the pocket, you might consider going up a size. 
  • Made in the USA
  • Like a thorough tour of the Pocket Trainers? Check out the video below!
  • Don't see the size and color in the quantity you need? Feel free to email me to arrange a special order.

Size Information
For the best fit please be sure to measure your child before deciding on a size. 
  • Small
    • Waist 16-19" 
    • Legs 9-12" 
    • Rise 15" 
    • Typical Age 2-3 years
  • Medium
    • Waist 18-21"
    • Legs 10-14"
    • Rise 17"
    • Typical Age 2-5 years
  • Large
    • Waist 19-25"
    • Legs 13-18"
    • Rise 19"
    • Typical Age 5+ years

Colors Available
Caped Canary, Coral Sea Maiden

InfraRed Racer, Midnight Blue Bandit

Moss Monster

Small & Medium


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