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Planet Wise Reusable Wet/Dry Bags


Price $21.00 - $29.99

Product Details
  • A truly innovative way to transport and store your diapers. A dry pocket at the front to keep everything stowed, with a wet pocket behind to keep moisture just where you want it. Keep your dry items dry and your wet items wet! 
  • Each bag contains a 'wet' section that is sewn and sealed for no wicking or leaking AND a zippered dry section.
  • The 'Medium Wet/Dry bag' features a snapping handle for easy transporting and storing. 
  • The 'Hanging Wet/Dry bag' features two handles to hang from any spot. 
  • Each bag is sewn with hidden seams and sealed for no wicking or leaking - the first in the industry! 
  • Resists most stains and odors - keeping smells in
  • PVC- and lead-free
  • Made in the USA
  • Wondering which wet bag will work best for you? Check out this comparison
  • Looking for an even smaller wet/dry bag (perfect for mama cloth, make-up, cloth wipes, crayons and the list goes one). Check out the Planet Wise Mini Wet/Dry Bag.

Sizes Available
  • Medium Wet/Dry: 13" x 16" - holds approx. 8-9 cloth diapers
  • Hanging Wet/Dry: 16.5" x 27" - holds approx. 20-24 cloth diapers

Prints Available
Art Deco, Butterflies
Chic Petunia, Chocolate Swirl
(note - 'Chocolate Swirl' is milk-chocolate brown with white 'swirls')

Citrus Pinwheels, Funky Flowers

Geometric Studio, Lime Cocoa Bean

Lime Summersaults, Meadow Tweets

Midnight Curl

Orange Woods, Organic Earth Links

Organic Garden, Organic Navy Circuits

Organic Silver Swirl

Owls, Piccolo Dot

Pink Daisy Stripe, Pink Swirl

River Rock

Please shop by size. 

Medium Wet/Dry

Medium Wet/Dry 

Hanging Wet/Dry

Hanging Wet/Dry 

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