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Preloved Diapers and Accessories

Product Information
  • Preloved diapers are those that have been previously loved and adored, usually as part of a trial package or newborn rental package (actually, probably not adored, as they were sent back after the trial ended)
  • Diapers are categorized based on the following metrics
    • Like New: Diapers and accessories returned from a trial seemingly unused (tags attached, packaging intact, unwashed). These items are still washed and sanitized before listed here. 
    • EUC = Excellent Used Condition: mostly diapers used for three weeks or less as part of IBB's trial packages - no stains
    • VGUC = Very Good Used Condition: diapers with 'used' aesthetics - slightly pilling outers and/or elastic - all still in excellent working condition - may be stains
    • GUC = Good Used Condition: diapers obviously well-loved - still in good working condition - may be stains
    • WL = Well-Loved: diapers with questionable functionality - would be best for someone who is handy with a needle and thread who can repair any bum elastic or velcro
    • Second: A new diaper with a bit of wonkiness - a crooked seam, elastic a bit looser on one side, a dirt spot, etc.
  • Diapers are listed according to their type - All-in-One, All-in-Two, Pockets, etc.
  • All Pocket diapers include inserts
  • For specific information by brand, including size information and color charts, please refer to each brand's product page (brand list available HERE)
  • Shop fast, quantities are limited
  • All sales on preloved items are final. 
  • All diapers and wipes stripped and sanitized
  • Ever wonder about the specifics of a diaper you are eying? Feel free to email me for more information (For example... 'Hey Abby, what makes that fitted a second?' or 'How badly is that VGUC pocket actually stained?') I try to err on the side of caution, so you'll often find my 'EUC' diapers are pretty much like new, and the VGUC diapers often just need a bit of sunning to return to brilliant white.
  • As always, free domestic shipping on orders over $35

All-in-One: Bottombumpers

All-in-One: bumGenius one-size

All-in-One: Peachy Green and Bright Star Baby

All-in-One: GroVia, itti*bitti and ones&twos

All-in-One: SmartBottoms - last call!

All-in-One: Thirsties

All-in-Two: AppleCheeks

All-in-Two: Bestbottoms
(Bestbottom's 'Wild Orchid' is meant to be 'Wild Berry' - sorry for the typo!)

All-in-Two/Covers: Blueberry

All-in-Two/Covers: Econobum & Flip

All-in-Two: GroVia

All-in-Two: Peachy Green, Proraps, Thirsties & Tiny Tush

All-in-Two/Covers: Softbums, Weehuggers and Tiny Tush

Pockets: bumGenius, Charlie Banana, Fuzzibunz, Oh Katy & RaR

Fitteds: BabyKicks, Bamboozle, Blueberry and EcoPosh

Fitteds: Kissaluvs, Kiwi Pie, OsoCozy, Sbish, Thirsties & TT

Prefolds & Contours

Trainers: SuperUndies, Flip and Swim Diapers

Accessories: Snappis, Cloth Wipes and Liners

Accessories: Wet Bags
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