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Pocket diapers have an outer waterproof shell with a 'pocket' that allows you to add as many absorbent inserts as necessary to suit your little one's needs. You change the entire diaper at each diaper change. Most one-size diaper systems are pocket diapers. 
Pros: easy to put on, easy to pack in diaper bag, easy to stuff with customizable absorbency, wicking material to keep little one feeling dry (true of most Pocket diapers), most will grow with your baby from birth to potty training
Cons: generally made of synthetic fabrics, bulkier than AIOs or AI2s, must be stuffed before use, more upfront expense


note - this Pocket has a natural-fiber inner,
and not a wicking layer

note - this Pocket is available in two designs - one with a wicking layer and one with a natural bamboo inner

note - this diaper has a natural fiber inner, and not a wicking layer

Note - this pocket has a natural fiber inner

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