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Softbums Omni Shell

Price $21.95

Product Details
  • Softbums Omni shell can serve three purposes - 
    • use as a cover over your favorite prefold, fitted, contour or flat
    • use as an All-in-Two with Softbums's own snap-in inserts
    • use as a pocket stuffed with a Softbums insert or another favorite pocket stuffer
  • The ability to switch between a pocket, an All-in-Two or a cover offers ultimate customization, and is great for families who like one type of diaper for around the house or diaper bag, and another for nighttime or secondary care givers.
  • Huge pocket opening makes stuffing and unstuffing a breeze
  • Patent Pending leg adjustment system Slide²Size is the ONLY variable adjust of its kind
  • Fits all leg widths from 4" - 14" for NO red marks ever
  • Industrial-strength velcro closures are long-lasting and won't 'wear out' like other velcro
  • Made in the USA
  • Buy extra pods here
  • Buying more than one or two shells? Check out the fabulous package discounts available.

What Do I Need? 
  • To use the Softbums Omni system full-time as an All-in-Two I recommend: 
    • Newborns: 2-5+ shells, 12-15 mini pods
    • Babies 10+lbs: 2-4+ shells, 10 pods 
  • To use the Softbums Omni system full-time as a Pocket I recommend: 
    • Newborns: 12-15 shells, 12-15 mini pods
    • Babies 10+lbs: 10-12 shells, 10-12 pods
  • Note: these recommendations are one-day's-worth of shells and inserts. For more days, simply multiply by the number of days you want to go between washing.

Size Information
  • One Size: fits most babies from 6lbs - 35+lbs  

Colors Available
Snowcone, Sprout, Coconut (not pictured)
Baby Giraffes, Miss Kitty

Bubble Gum, Chocolate


Aplix-Closure Shell

Snap-Closure Shell

use as a cover
use as an All-in-Two
  use as a Pocket

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