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Molly & Tracy Smith's Registry

Welcome to Molly & Tracy's Registry!

Estimated Due Date: May 13th, 2011

Gender: It's a girl, but go easy on the pink!

Please shop Molly and Tracy's registry below. 

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The number in the parenthesis (##) indicates the quantity desired. Feel free to purchase as few or many as you'd like. Quantities can be adjusted once the individual item has been added to your shopping cart.

Please note at checkout whether you would like your gift shipped to you or directly to Molly and Tracy. If unspecified, your package will be shipped to the address in Paypal.

Thank you for shopping at Itsy Bitsy Bums! It is an honor to help celebrate this exciting time!

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Like a peak at Molly & Tracy's Registry? 
One note - colors pictured are just examples of what Molly & Tracy registered for. I'll pick from their list of desired colors when packing your order.

Softbums All-in-Two System - 'Echo' and 'Omni'
Bamboo Pods, Mini Bamboo Pods, SUPER DryTouch Pods
Package discounts: Solo Pack (1 Shell+1 Pod), Basic Pack (1 Shell+3 Pods+1 Mini Pod), Trial Pack (2 Shells+6 Pods+2 Mini Pods), Good to Go Pack (8 Shells+24 Pods+8 Mini Pods)

GroVia Hybrid System
Shells, Cotton Inserts, Biodegradable Inserts

Thirsties Stay-Dry Inserts

Thirsties Duo Diapers

Bestbottom All-in-Two System
Shells, Stay-Dry Inserts, Overnight Inserts

Fuzzibunz One Size Hemp Diapers
Tiny Tush Elite One Size Pocket Diapers

Bottombumpers One Size All-in-One Diaper
Rockin' Green Detergent, Funk Rock and Pail Freshener

Wahmies Wetbags - Small, Regular and All-Day sizes

Grandma El's Rash Cream Remedy
Cloth Diaper Trial Package
a chance to test drive several types and brands, for just a low rental fee!

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