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Softbums Pods

Price $2.95 - $9.25

Product Details
  • Softbums is a one-size diaper system
    • 'Echo' is an All-in-Two system, allowing you to only change on the insert ('Pod') when wet or soiled (if the cover is also soiled, then change the entire diaper) 
    • 'Omni' is an All-in-Two, Pocket or Cover, allowing you to customize just how you use it
  • Choose between Full-size Pods inserts for infants and toddlers, and Mini Pods for newborns (also great as doublers)
  • Full-size Pods: 
    • DryTouch Pod (New Style): The newest insert option from Softbums! Absorbent and economical. These pods contain four layers of absorbent microfiber topped with creamy microfleece for a stay-dry feeling. This insert no longer requires folding over for larger babies, making it the easiest Softbums insert yet! 
    • SUPER DryTouch Pod: the most absorbent Pods for your Echo Shell. Softbums added an additional layer of absorbency to this Pod, so no need to add a Mini Pod. Great for nighttime, and heavy wetters. These Pods contain three layers of absorbent microfiber topped with cream soft microfleece for a stay-dry feeling. This insert is flared at the back. 
    • Organic Bamboo Pod: super absorbent and all-natural. These amazing Pods are made of 70% Organic Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton, making it both super absorbent and super trim. These are the best for a great fit without extra bulk, and without sacrificing absorbency for trimness. Organic Pods are super breathable and provide the most comfortable diapering experience available. 
  • Mini Pods:
    • DryTouch Mini Pod: composed of three layers of absorbent microfiber terry, topped with super soft microfleece for a stay-dry feeling.
    • Organic Bamboo Mini Pod: composed of three layers of absorbent organic bamboo fleece. These Mini Pods are as absorbent as DryTouch Mini Pods, but are only half as bulky for a super trim fit. 
  • Made in the USA

    Select Material and Size

    SUPER DryTouch and Organic Bamboo inserts - flared at the back
    Snap into place

    DryTouch (New Style) - shorter length makes it versatile and easy to use
    Snaps into place

    Mini Pods 
    simply lay into place

    **Note - pictures are not to scale!!**

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