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Mama Sampler


Price $59.25
Regular Retail Value $66.25

Product Details
  • A great sampler to get you started with mama cloth and natural deodorant, or, expand your current stash with these three excellent brands
  • Your sampler pack includes
    • 1 Regular Happy Tushies Momma Pad wetbag with snapping handle - an easy way to carry your mama cloth when out of the house! Carry clean pads in one side, and used in the other. Or, carry clean pads between the snapping sides, and use both sides for used.
    • Mother Moon Pads and Liners
      • 1 8" Wingless Pantyliner
      • 1 6" Basic Pantyliner
      • 1 8" Basic Pantyliner 
      • 1 8" Normal Flow Pad
      • 1 10" Normal Flow Pad
      • 1 10" Heavy Flow Pad
      • 1 12" Heavy Flow Pad
    • 1 Full-size tube of Green Body Basics deodorant in bestselling scent Sensual

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two wet sides which snap together

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