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Peachy Green All-in-One

Price $21.50 - $22.50 

Product Details
  • The same All-in-One you love from Bright Star Baby, just with a new name (and adorable new logo!). 
  • Super-soft waterproof PUL outer
  • Inside made of bamboo/organic cotton
  • Soaker made of 100% bamboo/organic cotton fleece
    • Absorbs fast
    • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, meaning free of any harmful substances (this is the strictest standard for infant products)
    • Soakers tacked into layers, ensuring thorough-cleaning and quick-drying
    • Soaker lays the length of the diaper, and does not require any folding at diaper change time
    • Snaps into place, allowing you to remove it for prepping and/or stripping if necessary
    • Increase the absorbency of your AIO with a snap-in hemp doubler available here
  • Four snap settings on each wing, offering great customization. 
  • For a review of this new diaper, including photos, see here
  • Like to see some action shots? Check out these adorable little ones!
  • Looking for extra Peachy Green AIO inserts, sold individually? See here
  • Made in the USA.

Size Information
  • Size 0: approx. 7-16lbs; rise 15" (corresponds with Fishnoodles's 'Small')
  • Size 1: approx. 12-28lbs; rise 17.5" (size 'Medium')
  • Size 2: approx. 24-36lbs, rise 19" (size 'Large')
  • How to Measure Rise: run a string or measuring tape from the small of baby's back, between his or her legs, and up to just-below the belly button. If measuring over a prefold or fitted, add an extra 2" for ease. If measuring a bare baby, add 3-4" for ease. Then look at the size chart and go up to the next rise measurement. 
  • Ready to Size Up? Baby Just between sizes? If you go from size 0 to size 1, or size 1 to size 2, here is what you will see - 
    • The rise will come up one inch higher in front and back.
    • The diaper will be wider through the bum. 
    • The snaps will be one setting tighter. 
  • While there is a weight-range chart, babies can have such builds that weight and age are not the best way to determine fit. Rise will always be your best bet. If the rise fits well, almost always the diaper will be the size for you. 
  • Size 1 is comparable to most one-size diapers on the market, and works for many babies all the way through potty time. While we cannot predict how large your baby will grow, we can assure you that if you need to go larger, we've got you covered with the size 2. 

Colors and Prints Available

ART LOVER collection - IBB's Exclusive Release
Balloon Animals, We'll Call it a Koons

Lily Belle, Giverny

Early Summer 2012 Release
Aloha, Blue-A-Doodle-Doo

Froggy, Rainbow

Rainbow OOGA, Sunshine


Spring 2012 Release
Bitty Bots
Cars Goin' Round, Fawn's First Spring
Blueberry, Night

Fall 2011 Release
Buttercream, Sage

Soft Blue

Blue Camo, White Butterflies

Winter 2011/12 Release #1
Cardinal, Clover

Winter 2011/12 Release #2
Chocolate BonBon, Pirate Monkey
Dalmatians, Bubblegum

Please shop by collection & size. 


Balloon Animals & We'll Call it a Koons

Lily Belle & Giverny

Early Summer 2012 - Size 0

Early Summer 2012 - Size 1

Early Summer 2012 - Size 2

Spring Release - Size 0

Spring Release - Size 1

Spring Release - Size 2

Fall 2011 Release - Size 0
Fall Release - size 1 - sold out

Fall 2011 Release - Size 2

Winter Release #1 - Jingle Jingle
Winter Release #2 - size 0 - sold out

Winter Release #2 - Size 1

Winter Release #2 - Size 2

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