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Bright Star Baby & Peachy Green Action Shots

Baby Z. - Both Diapers Pictured are Size 0 
2.5 months - approx. 12.5lbs 
Diapers both have IBB Fleece Liner inside. Ocean Blue also has hemp doubler inside. 
Plenty of growing room in his size 0s - both in the rise and the waist snaps. 

Baby Z., again
Spice is a size 0
Ocean Blue is a size 1
4 months - 15lbs 9oz - 25.5"
Size 0 - You can see the Size 0 still has multiple snap settings left in the waist, and the rise is sufficient. The size 1 is also a good fit, with the diaper set on the tightest setting and plenty of rise.
Size 1 - He has a lot of growing room in the size 1. As he gets longer, the extra PUL that you see a bit 'baggy' on his front- and backside will spread out, and no longer be loose-fitting. In the meantime, the PUL is so soft and squishy it easily lays flat under any clothing, thus keeping the overall silhouette quite trim. 


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