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Bright Star Baby/Peachy Green Snap-in Inserts

Price $4.50 - $7.85

Product Details
  • Two great insert options, each compatible with your Bright Star Baby All-in-One and Peachy Green All-in-One
  • Bamboo Soaker
    • Have you lost your Bright Star Baby AIO insert, or want to lay this amazingly trim soaker in another diaper shell or cover? These individual inserts are just for you!
    • Made of six layers of Oeko Tex Standard 100 bamboo and organic cotton fleece
    • Sized for a super-trim fit
    • Available by special-order only - please contact me to arrange your purchase. Thanks!
  • Hemp Doubler
    • Most babies do not need any extra absorbency, but, for those super soakers, this is just the thing for you!
    • The doubler is two heavyweight layers of hemp and organic cotton fleece
    • The special double-sided snap system allows the booster to snap into the shell under the original soaker - no need to unsnap for washing! The whole diaper stays together for ultimate ease, yet is easy to take apart for sunning or cleaning. 
    • One-size fits all
    • And not just for your Bright Star Baby, Fishnoodle or Peachy Green diaper - use this hemp doubler in any diaper that needs some added absorbency - just lay into place and go
  • If you choose to remove either insert from the diaper's shell, pry the snaps apart carefully. Snaps can often be stronger than fabric!
  • Note - both inserts and doublers will shrink with prepping. And please allow 6+ washes for inserts to reach full absorbency. 
  • Both inserts compatible with Fishnoodles, Bright Star Baby and Peachy Green diapers.
  • Sewn in the USA

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