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CJ's All-Natural Deodorant

Price $6.70 - $9.85

Product Details
  • A great alternative to mainstream deodorants
  • Pleasing blend of lemon, lavender, tea tree and clary sage essential oils do the bulk of the work, and smell fantastic as well.
  • Please note - if you are switching from a mainstream/non-natural deodorant, you may need to apply more often initially in order for your body to adjust to the new ingredients. You should notice that as the days go by, you'll need to reapply less often. After approximately two weeks, your body should be fully-adjusted.
  • What CJ's testers had to say - 
    • 'Natural deodorants aren't going to keep you as dry as antiperspirants will, but I have found that once your body gets used to the switch you will be a lot drier. I've been antiperspirant-free since July 2009 when I got pregnant and had chemical burns from antiperspirants. I am a lot dryer now with naturals and I'm a sweater (used to have sweat stains on my shirts). So you have to give it time. In my opinion. I've tried several naturals and CJ's worked the best for me.'
    • 'When I first started [using natural deodorants], I needed to reapply like 3-4 times. I would be sweaty and not-so-good smelling. But then went to twice a day, now once a day. I think your body gets used to it after a bit. I definitely wouldn't recommend switching back and forth from natural to anti-perspire kind. It confuses your body.'
  • Ingredients: beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, caster oil, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), cornstarch, essential oils of lemon, tea tree, lavender and clary sage
  • Available in 1oz or 2.25oz twist-up containers
  • Made in the USA.

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