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Newborn Diapers

Newborn Diapers are great for the earliest months when most one-size diapers will not fit your baby yet.
Pros: Most are quite trim-fitting, variety of options and price-points available
Cons: most designs will only fit baby for a couple of months*

*Some of the diapers listed on this page will work past the newborn period. 'Two-size' systems like AppleCheeks and Thirsties will fit from 7lbs to 18lbs, approximately, before you need to size up. And the One-Size system Softbums is also a great pick - it is the only One-Size diaper (of all the All-in-Ones, All-in-Twos and Pockets out there) that I will endorse for use from birth (I've seen it on a 5lb baby, and it wasn't even on the smallest setting!). 

Expecting a very small baby, or twins? lil•joey All-in-Ones and bumGenius Newborn All-in-Ones are great on the smallest of bums. 

Abby's Thoughts On Newborn Diapering I recommend mixing and matching your newborn stash - perhaps a dozen Prefolds, six Fitteds and six All-in-Ones.
Prefolds: The Prefolds will continue to earn their keep far past the newborn period, working as pocket stuffers or doublers, burp cloths and eventually as household rags. 
Fitteds: Both BabyKicks and Tiny Tush provide you with the option of removing the inner layer of absorbency. You are then left with the fitted's shell, which is plenty of absorbency for a newborn. Or go with a fitted designed just for a small bum, like Thirsties Fab Fitted or Kissaluvs Kissa Fitted.
Don't forget the covers! I like Proraps and Thirsties on small bums. 
All-in-Ones: These are life-savers for those diaper changes when you are fairly certain you've reached record sleep depravation levels. Also great for the diaper bag or a care provider who would like a super-easy diaper.

Still unsure where to go? Consider renting your newborn stash

AppleCheeks (Pocket or All-in-Two)

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