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Bum Genius Newborn All-in-One

Price $12.50

Product Details
  • An easy choice for your newborn - everything in one piece makes diaper changes easy peasy. 
  • No stuffing or folding and an All-in-One design means this is possibly the easiest newborn diaper you can buy. 
  • Inner fabric wicks moisture away from baby's bottom for a stay-dry feeling, and the hidden microfiber terry layer absorbs quickly. 
  • Stretchy tabs and hook & loop closures ensure a custom fit 
  • Gentle leg elastic keeps the messes contained. 
  • Diapers designed to fit low, below the navel, allowing for a healing umbilical cord. 
  • Conscientiously manufactured in Egypt. 

Size Information
  • Fits newborns from approx. 6 - 12lbs

Colors Available
Blossom, Butternut
Grasshopper, Noodle

Twilight, White

Brights & Prints
Clementine, Moonbeam

Ribbit, Zinnia

Mirror, Dazzle


Lovelace, Albert

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Brights & Prints

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