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OsoCosy Fitted Diaper - Unbleached

Price $8.50

Product Details
  • Economical and durable fitted
  • Features a contoured form fitting shape and adjustable Aplix closures
  • Outer and inner layers made of 100% cotton birdseye weave and the interior is comprised of multiple layers of thirsty flannel (Small and Medium have 9 thirsty layers, Large and Toddler have 10 layers) 
  • Manufactured in the USA by stay-at-home moms!
  • Beautiful natural ivory color
  • Unbleached cotton is stronger and more durable than cotton fibers which have been bleached (buying unbleached also ensures bleaching chemicals are kept off baby's bum)
  • Laundry tabs keep Aplix closures secured at wash time 

Product Sizing
  • Small: 7-13lbs (peach stitching)
  • Medium: 13-18lbs (blue stitching)
  • Large: 18-25lbs (green stitching)
  • Toddler: 25-35lbs (yellow stitching)

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Please note you can adjust the quantity once item is in your shopping cart

don't be concerned with the fitted's size when you open your package - they shrink up quite a bit once prepped!
(the one one left has been in circulation for approximately 6mos - one on the right is unwashed) 

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