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GroVia Gro-To-Go

Price $49.99
Retail value $71.99

Product Details
  • Take your cloth on the road! It works hard, and needs a vacation! 
  • This kit gives you everything you need to make cloth diapering away from home a breeze. 
  • Package includes
  • Tiny Bubbles specifics
    • cloth diaper-safe
    • Dye- and Fragrance-Free and Free of Optical Brighteners and Fillers
    • Biodegradable and Phosphate-free 
    • Not tested on animals and does not contain any animal by-products
    • HE-safe
  • So, how far does one package get me? 
    • BioSoakers: Divide 50 by the number of diaper changes your baby requires a day and you have a rough idea how many days you can go (I recommend packing an extra day's worth - you never know when you have a crazy day filled with extra diaper changes)
    • Shells: For the average baby beyond the runny newborn poop days, three shells will be enough to rotate through over a two-day period - and that second evening you'll want to wash two of the three covers
    • Detergent: Each Tiny Bubbles packet does one load in a washing machine - if you are hand washing the shells in the sink (I highly recommend this - super fast and easy) then the packet will last far longer
    • For our family, with a baby that poops once a day and typically requires 6-8 diaper changes, this package would last us roughly 5+ days (conservative guess)
    • Lastly, YES, the BioSoakers are great for overnight. We never had an issue when we used these overnight on our toddler.  
  • Tips
    • BioSoakers have sticky tabs on the back - these are sticky! I recommend patting the sticky tabs on your shirt a couple of times (you know, get a bit of lint on them) before pushing the insert into place. The insert will still stay firmly in place, but will definitely be easier to remove at the next diaper change. 
    • Once you're back from vacation, put the shells to use! They are fantastic covers on their own, either paired with your favorite fitted, prefold or flat, or with GroVia's own cotton soakers
  • How to snag this deal
    • Simply purchase three GroVia Hybrid shells of your choice
    • The Tiny Bubbles and BioSoakers will automatically be added to your order when I package it
    • You'll notice - the three shells total $50.85, or $.86 more than the package deal. Unfortunately I cannot automate this discount with the current shopping cart. So, once your order comes through I'll refund $.86 to you. I apologize for this craziness. 
  • Package offer good through June 30th. 

    Size Information
    • One-Size: fits from approx. 8 - 35+lbs 

    Prints & Solids Available
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    use with a Biosoaker disposable insert or GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker, as shown above, or over any of your favorite fitteds, prefolds, contours or flats

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