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Bestbottom Value Packages

Price $83.87 - $510.47

Product Details
  • Several packages available!
  • Choose between Cotton/Hemp inserts and Stay-Dry inserts, and Hook & Loop or Snapping shells* (for complete product descriptions of each insert and shell, please see here). For Packages 1 - 3 you select the insert size. In Package 4 you get all three sizes! *Feel free to mix and match Snapping and Hook & Loop covers in a single package
  • Package 1 Cotton/Hemp $100.97 & Stay-Dry $83.87
    • 3 Shells
    • 9 Inserts
  • Package 2 Cotton/Hemp $200.45 & Stay-Dry $166.25
    • 6 shells
    • 18 inserts
  • Package 3 Cotton/Hemp $281.46 & Stay-Dry $235.86
    • 9 shells
    • 24 inserts
  • Package 4 Cotton/Hemp $510.47 & Stay-Dry $407.87
    • 9 shells
    • 54 inserts (18 of each size)
    • 9 overnight inserts (3 of each size)
  • Please specify shell colors and closures in the text field (note - if all your selections will not fit in the space given, feel free to email me your choices instead)
  • Note - depending on the colors and quantities ordered, your package will either ship from IBB or directly from the manufacturer. If you like to confirm your order's potential leadtime, feel free to email me or include a note in the comments section when checking-out.

shopping carts to come. in the meantime, to place your order just shoot me an email. thanks!
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