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Total Economy: Newborns

Looking for the most economical approach to newborn cloth diapering? This is the spot for you! And fear note - while economy can sometimes translate to higher learning curve, there are still economical AND easy-to-use diapers in this price range (and I promise, no matter the diaper you choose, you will quickly master it and it soon will seem old hat). 

Simply pick your absorbent inner - Flats, Prefolds or Fitteds - then add a waterproof outer cover. 

The most economical of cloth diapers. Not only are flats easy to wash, but they are also a one-size diaper, so you will not need to size up as baby grows. 
Prefolds are Flats with a dash of ease added in.
Want to save extra money? Skip the OsoCozy 'Preemie (aka 'Newborn' size) and go straight to OsoCozy 'Infant.' While bulkier at first, you will find this size is typically the most versatile. Fold it around baby during the newborn period; for the infant and toddler periods, simply trifold the prefold and lay it into the cover.
A tried-and-true fitted. The velcro closures make it an easy-to-change diaper, while the elastic leg gussets keep that newborn poo just where you want it. 

One of the most inexpensive covers out there, without sacrificing design details! 
The velcro allows you to get a custom fit, while the double leg gussets ensure a snug fit on any size legs. In addition, the 'Preemie' and 'Newborn' covers have umbilical cord cut-outs. A great cover choice for those using an economical diaper until their baby grows into one-size diapers. 

Like Proraps, Thirsties's velcro closures and double leg gussets ensure a great fit on your newborn (snap closures also available). 

While Thirsties might be more expensive than the Proraps cover, it does fit for a wider weight range. If you know you want to go with Flats, Prefolds and/or Fitteds for all of your baby's time in diapers, then I recommend upgrading to the Thirsties cover. 
Still unsure? Consider a Preloved Newborn Diaper Rental. With just a $50 rental fee and fully-refundable deposit, this option is a great way to marry economy and convenience.

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