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Economy + Convenience: Newborns

You are in the right spot if you want a mix of diapers - perhaps über-easy for overnights and out of the house, and inexpensive for times when you are just around the house.

For the low down on the easiest of the easy, check out: Total Convenience
For the skinny on the most economical, check out: Total Economy

And read on for those diapers that will satisfy both your pocketbook and your 2am dexterity....

Bestbottom All-in-Two
Bestbottom All-in-Two diapers are one of the few one-size (OS) diapers on the market that will work for most newborns, thanks to the insert's sizing (a sized insert ensures the diaper achieves a snug fit on the smallest of bums). The insert snaps into place, making diaper changes quite fast and easy if you already have them pre-snapped. And with just a 2-pound gap between size 'Small' and 'Large,' you might even consider skipping the 'Medium' size as a way to make the system even more economical. 

Softbums All-in-Two
Like Bestbottoms (BB), Softbums is another great one-size diaper that will start fitting during the newborn period (in fact, I've read of this OS diaper fitting newbies as small as 5lbs). Again like BB, this is thanks to sized inserts. Unlike BB, however, Softbums only has two size inserts, using 'Mini' for the newborn period. And these 'Mini' inserts can later be used as doublers, making it a super efficient and easy system!

A lovely fitted diaper for your newborn: snug fit from 5lbs+, super stretchy legs, any poo-splosions cling to the fleecy inner fabric - keeping your cover inners clean, and a snap-down rise accommodates the smallest of babes. This diaper is a fitted (aka just the absorbent inner) and requires a cover to be waterproof (I recommend Proraps or Thirsties for your newbie).
Thirsties Duo Fitteds
These were one of our very first diapers (and the start of my serious fitted addiction!). The aplix closures make them an easy change at 2am, while the adjustable rise ensures you will get many months of use from them. This diaper is a fitted and requires a cover to be waterproof (I recommend Proraps or Thirsties for your newbie).

Still not sure what to do? Consider a Newborn Diaper Rental. With just a $75 rental fee and fully-refundable deposit, this option is a great way to get an easy-to-use stash. Especially perfect for families who will not use their newborn stash on future babies, or those who do not want to deal with selling their newborn stash. 

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