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Total Convenience: Newborns

Looking for an über-easy diaper, just as easy as a disposable (as disposables are typical the benchmark for 'ease of use' ratings)? These All-in-Ones and Pockets are so easy, and oh so cute!

AppleCheeks is both a pocket and All-in-Two diaper, depending on how you use the insert. 
And it is a two-size diaper system (meaning you would go from your Newborn/Infant Size 1 to the Infant/Toddler Size 2). A super soft and squishy diaper for sure!

bumGenius Newborn All-in-One
This diaper is the most like a disposable, for sure - its Aplix closures, leg elastic and interior design make it one of the easiest-to-use cloth diapers on the market. 

GroVia Newborn All-in-One
This diaper features luxurious organic cotton against baby's bottom, and the snap-down rise allows you to use it a bit longer than the average newborn All-in-One.

Several features on this all-in-one make it a great choice for your newborn: double leg gussets keep messes contained, a snap-down rise allows room for a healing umbilical cord, and super-soft fleece keeps baby feeling dry. 

Like AppleCheeks, this pocket diaper is a duo-sized system and will fit from birth until approx. 14-18lbs. The double leg gussets ensure a snug fit on the skinniest of legs, while the aplix closures mean a quick diaper change.
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