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More information to help you plan your trip to IBB. 

Hours: currently open by appointment only - please email or call to book your appointment please try to let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel

Appointment Availability: we have day, evening and Saturday spots available

Why appointments? We want to ensure you have the focused attention you deserve when deciding how you'd best like to invest your money. 

Walk-ins? we occasionally will offer open walk-in hours - watch Facebook for announcements, or feel free to email me for the next walk-in date

Location: 6300 Walnut St | Kansas City, MO | 64113 
We share the building (converted house - tan with white trim) with a State Farm office at the corner of 63rd & Walnut, and you'll see their sign on 63rd St.

Parking: Feel free to park on the street or behind the building (parking lot accessed off of Walnut - be sure to only park in the right-hand side of the lot, in the spots marked 'SF').

How Do I Get In?
Days, Monday-Friday - enter through the front, and the upstairs receptionist will direct you back to us. Evenings/Weekends - if we are meeting after-hours or on the weekend, plan on coming through the back. The door will be locked, so just give me a call when you've arrived so I can meet you - 913-601-1659. 

Can I bring friends, family and fellow cloth-addicts? If anyone will be coming with you please try to let me ahead of time. We oftentimes will have little ones, shipping staff and others in and out at the same time. Because space is limited, we want to make sure everyone has plenty of elbow room.

Can I bring my children? Definitely. Please note there is a finite amount of space and lots of fun bright things just waiting to capture your little one's attention, so please plan on picking up after your little ones  or I'll be forced to send them home with a shot of espresso and puppy. 

Payment Methods? We take cash, check or credit/debit

Sales? Any current sales or specials listed on our website are always available in-store as well (unless otherwise specified). If I don't offer them when you are browsing it means they've slipped my mind, so feel free to remind me! Any freebies must be arranged before you've left the store, and will not be applied retroactively. 

Local Pickup? Certainly! We can leave packages with the receptionist of the upstairs office for pickup during their usual 9-5 business hours. 

Accessibility? Entering the building will require customers to walk up four steps, from there you will need to walk a flight of stairs down to our store. For those with limited mobility, we can either meet on the main level, or we can also arrange to meet somewhere else as your needs require. 

Scent sensitive? The store is not scent-free. Between all of the detergents, lotions and such, there is usually something or other in the air. If there is a specific scent we can avoid opening please let us know and we'll do our best to tuck it away. Or let us know if you need to meet somewhere else and we'll do out best to accommodate. 

Hope to see you soon!

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