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Babee Greens Wool Longies & Shories

Price $29.95

Product Details
  • Yup! Longies & Shorties - in other words - wool pants and wool shorts.
  • Why Wool? Wool is highly absorbent (aka some folks have been known to call it 'brilliant!') - it will absorb up to 30% of its weight and still feel dry, yet it remains breathable and allows maximum circulation around your baby's bum. 
  • Wool contains naturally-occuring lanolin, which creates a waterproof barrier (once that lanolin wears away you will need to 'relanolize' to add the waterproof powers back in to the wool).
  • The other great thing about wool - it doesn't need to be washed as often as a regular PUL cover. Rather, just wash wool once it becomes a bit stinky - for most folks this means washing a couple of times a month (or more frequently if you use wool overnight, as those diapers are typically much more saturated with concentrated urine). 
  • Babee Greens wool longies & shorties are made using old upcycled sweaters, and each pair is one-of-a-kind! Each sweater is picked for its softness. Please note that this unique touch means sizing can very slightly due to the varying thickness and stretchiness of each sweater. 
  • Made in the USA.
  • All longies made of Merino Wool unless otherwise noted. 

Size Information
  • Small: 12lbs - 17lbs
  • Medium: 17lbs - 25lbs
  • Large: 25lbs - 35lbs

Colors Available

Cream and Grey Weekender, Aspen Weekender (cashmere/merino)

Raspberry Sorbet (cashmere/merino)

Grape Stripe

Up North

Loungin' (sold), Eggplant


Winter White (sold), Spring Jammies (sold)

Watermelon (cashmere/merino), Bubble Gum (cashmere/merino)

Lilac Cables (cashmere/merino)

Floral Pink

Tuxedo Pants (sold), Choo-Choo

Baby Pink (cashmere/merino), Bubblegum Pink (cashmere/merino)

 Grape Shorts, Raspberry Cream

Summer Sorbet (cashmere/merino), Coco (cashmere/merino)

Grape Stripe (cashmere/merino) (sold), Blue Drawers

Seafoam (cashmere/merino), Rugby Stripe

Blue Stripe (cashmere/merino) (sold), Pretty in Pink (Cashmere/merino)

Grasshopper Stripe (cashmere/merino)

Medium 1
Navy Drawers, Olive Drawers

Blue Drawers, Swiss Summer (sold)

Rugby Stripe, Orange Crush (cashmere/merino) (sold)

Blood Orange (cashmere/merino), Salmon Pink (cashmere/merino) (sold)

Greyson, Piper (cashmere/merino) (sold)

Medium 2
Magenta Drawers (cashmere/merino) (sold), Sugar Snap Pea

Pink Drawers (cashmere/merino)

Beach Comber (cashmere/merino, with foldover waist)

Woodland Nymph, Napa Drawers (sold)

Magenta Drawers, Red House Drawers (cashmere/merino)

Jester Stripe, Jolly Rancher Raspberry (cashmere/merino) (sold)

Jolly Rancher Strawberry (cashmere/merino), Rugby Shorts (sold)



Small Longies

Medium Longies

Large Longies


Small Shorties

Medium Shorties 1

Medium Shorties 2

Large Shorties

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