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AppleCheeks - preorder

Preorder Specifics
  • This is a preorder for the newest color from AppleCheeks. Want to learn more about AppleCheeks? Check out the complete product page. 
  • Color
    • No, the color has not been released. The color will be announced on March 29th in a grand fashion typical to the AppleCheeks ladies. 
    • What if I preorder then don't like the color? Well, I'll have to admit the color is pretty fabulous, but we don't want you to feel trapped in to something you don't love. If you don't go ape for the release, you are welcome to trade out your preordered shell(s) for other shell colors or prints. 
  • Shipping
    • Orders will ship the order in which we receive them, with a limited quantity of both sizes coming in our first order. We anticipate shipping the first wave of inventory the same day the color is announced and the second wave a week-ish later, but this is subject to the packages getting to us. As such, a guaranteed ship date is not being quoted. Rest assured, as soon as we have the shells we will turn around and ship them to you. 
    • Do not include anything on your preorder other than AppleCheeks items. This can be any combination of AppleCheeks shells, inserts and liners. Any other items on the order are subject to being cancelled. 

Mystery Color - Select Size

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