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Smart Bottoms Smart One 2.0 All-in-One

Price $20.00

Product Details
  • A one-piece All-in-One diaper! 
  • Absorbent inner made of 100% certified-organic cotton interlock. This proprietary blend of non-woven fibers allows the diaper to wash cleaner and dry faster than most other All-in-Ones on the market. 
  • And no need to worry about throwing this diaper in the dryer! 
    • The Smart One's waterproof outer is made from the highest-quality PUL available (aka - industrial grade - the same kind found in hospitals, designed to withstand autoclaving), and can withstand the high heat of your dryer without issue!
    • Snaps withstand wear and tear
    • Leg elastic sewn into casings, and allow for easy replacement if ever necessary. 
  • Cross-over wings allow you to get a snug fit on any size baby
  • Three hip-snap settings ensure you never have to worry about wing droop or gaps.
  • Tip - the natural inner material will shrink while prepping - do not judge the diaper's fit on your baby until after you've washed the diaper 2+ times. 
  • Made in the USA (and all raw materials sourced in the USA!).

Size Information
  • Extra-Small: 5-8lbs available by special order only
  • Small: 8-16lbs
  • Medium: 16-24lbs
  • Large: 24+lbs

Colors Available
from back to front
Mocha, Bright Violet
Cotton Candy
Raspberry Blue, Kelly Green




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