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My Diapers Arrived, Now What?

Once your diapers arrived, you will need to 'prep' them to get them ready to do their job.

Natural fiber diapers (hemp, cotton, bamboo) need to be washed five times on hot + the recommended amount of detergent. (For more on detergent, click here.) The goal of prepping natural fiber diapers is to strip out all of the natural oils to then leave room for the plant's cells to turn their attention to absorbing all of your little one's output. 

Note for prefold users - please dry the diapers between wash cycles.
For all other natural fiber diapers, no need to dry between prepping loads. 

Synthetic fiber diapers need only to be washed one time on hot + detergent. As synthetic fibers are already manufactured with the intent to absorb, they just need all manufacturing residues removed before use. 

If you ordered a smattering of natural and synthetic fibers, please follow these instructions:
  1. hemp - wash three times on hot + recommended amount of detergent; no need to dry (if your hemp is a diaper sans elastic, velcro, PUL or snaps or just a doubler, you can boil it - use a big stock pot and boil for a half hour-ish - then proceed to step #2).
  2. add in any natural other fiber diapers or doublers
  3. wash four times on hot + rec. amount of detergent; no need to dry
  4. add in any synthetic fiber diapers or doublers
  5. wash one time on hot + rec. amount of detergent
  6. dry all diapers per manufacturer's instructions

You are ready to go!

Sound like too much to keep track of? Rather have your diapers arrive Prepped And Ready to Go?  

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