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Travel and Cloth Diapering

About to jet-set but unsure of what to do with your diapers? Not relishing the idea of an eight hour car trip? Fear not, it is completely doable!

A Few Tips About the Process
  • Evaluate your destination's laundry situation before deciding if you will bring cloth - ensure your hotel, friend's house or condo has adequate washing facilities
  • Plan to wash your diapers the day/evening before you leave, allotting enough time to wash and dry all dirty diapers (we generally put our daughter in her nighttime diaper, and begin laundry once she is in bed) 
  • Pack enough diapers to ensure you are not pressed to do laundry - nothing ruins a vacation like rushing back to the hotel to wash diapers 
On the Road or In the Air
  • Pack everything you need for diaper changes in a handy spot - 
    • Wipes
    • Changing pad
    • Rash cream
    • Clean diapers (I allow for one diaper per hour)
    • Wetbag(s)
    • Extra Snappi (if necessary)
    • Liners 
  • Our diaper bag is not large enough to hold all these supplies, so I instead use a small zipping tote bag. This ensures you can grab one bag rather than digging through a carry-on or packed car trunk. 
You Made it Safe and Sound
  • Once you get to your destination, evaluate how many clean diapers you have left and plan laundry accordingly 
Have a great trip!
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