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Diapers Not Absorbing? 
How much detergent do you use? If you consistently use too much detergent you eventually will have a detergent buildup problem. The detergent doesn't allow the diapers to adequately absorb what they are supposed to. 
Solution: Wash diapers on hot two to three times without detergent. Take a peak in the washer during the agitation cycle. You should see small bubbles or greyish water - each is a sign the diapers are releasing built-up detergent.

Did you use fabric softener? Conventional fabric softener should not be used on diapers. It clogs diapers and doesn't allow them to absorb.
Solution: If you only used an accidental dryer sheet or one wash with fabric softener - wash diapers two to three times on hot without detergent. If it was consistent fabric softener exposure - you will need to strip the diapers

Did you use a non-CD-safe rash cream? The diaper is clogged with rash cream.
Solution: Time for some elbow grease. Fill the kitchen sink or shallow tub with hot water, a small squirt of regular blue Dawn and the diaper. Allow the diaper to soak in the frothy sink for thirty minutes or so. Drain the water. Then add a teeny drop of Dawn to the diaper anywhere the rash cream touched and scrub, scrub and scrub with a hard bristle toothbrush. Once you are satisfied with the end results, thoroughly rinse the diaper. Then run hot washes without detergent monitoring the bubbles in the water. Continue to wash until you do not see any more bubbles.

Do your diapers fit your little one? Any diaper with a wicking layer (always Pockets and sometimes All-in-Twos and All-in-Ones) requires pressure against the wicking fabric to force the moisture through. While it may seem like the diaper is snug through the legs and waist, if there isn't this pressure the moisture will roll right off the wicking layer and out of the diaper.
Solution: You need to get the absorbing fabric closer to the bum. You can try adding more absorbency into the pocket of the diaper, thus making the inside area smaller. Or, you could also lay a natural fiber doubler, Prefold or Flat between baby's bottom and the diaper - therefore almost using the diaper as a cover. These two temporary fixes will help avoid more leaks until your baby better fills his or her diaper out. Please, please, though, do not put the microfiber insert on top of the Pocket's wicking layer (read the Why? under #3 here).

My Diapers Stink!
First thing to consider - when is it that they smell? 
If they have a strong ammonia stink after two or three days in the diaper pail - this is normal. This is why it is recommended to go no longer than three days between washing. 

If they have a strong ammonia stink immediately after little one pees - this is a buildup problem (urine, minerals or detergent). You will need to strip the diapers. (If they have a slight ammonia smell in the morning, especially for an older baby, this is normal. If it is nose-hair-burning, consider stripping.)

If they smell dirty coming out of the dryer (fish-y, poo-y, wet dog-y, urine-y), they are still dirty. You will need to add more detergent to your hot wash cycle. Ensure you watch the rinse cycle to make sure the water is free of bubbles. 

My Diapers Have Stains!?
Read on here.

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