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Smart Bottoms Smart Cover + Inserts All-in-Two

Price $7.00 - $16.00

Product Details
  • Pair the Smart Cover with either a Too Smart Insert or Smartfold Prefold for a quick and easy All-in-Two. Smart Cover can also be used with your favorite fitted, prefold or flat. 
  • Smart Cover
    • One row of rise snaps and crossover wings ensure the perfect fit on your little one.
    • Waterproof outer is made from an industrial-grade PUL, and can withstand the high heat of your washer and dryer. 
    • Want to line dry? The cover will take approximately 20 minutes to air dry, if you do decide to do a quick hand-wash in the sink. 
    • Cover lined with 100% polyester pique jersey, which prevents any PUL from touching baby's skin. 
    • All elastic is sewn in casings just in case it one day needs to be replaced. 
  • Too Smart Insert
    • This insert is the perfect solution for those wanting a quick grab and go solution to diapering. Simply tuck the perfectly-shaped insert into the cover and you are set. At diaper change time, toss the used insert into the pail, and place another insert into the shell. 
    • Planning on using this system exclusively through the day? I recommend rotating between two covers to allow the alternate to air out between changes. 
    • The Small size fits perfectly in the Small Smart Cover, and the Large in the Large Smart Cover. 
    • Too Smart Inserts put super-thirsty and super-soft 100% certified-organic cotton interlock against baby's skin, and are backed with PUL (thus keeping your shell as dry as possible). The insert's core is made of a proprietary blend of non-woven fibers. 
    • In short, this insert puts absorbency just where you need it and away from where you don't, thus keeping the bulk at bay.
  • SmartFold 
    • For those who prefer to customize their absorbency, this insert is for you. 
    • Unlike any other prefold you've tried - this insert is super-trim while still super-absorbent (for example - a full-prepped Large Smartfold can hold 16oz of liquid without being fully saturated!).
    • The prefold is 2x3x2, and is uniquely designed to not have stitch marks running down the middle panel of the diaper - this allows for moisture to be more quickly and more evenly be absorbed. (To prevent twisting in the wash, the middle panel is tacked down.)
    • Made from 45% organic cotton and 55% hemp (Smart Bottom's hemp is grown on small family farms in China and is milled in a factory that adheres to strict human rights' standards. The hemp is as close to organic as possible without receiving official certification).  
    • Available in three sizes
    • These prefolds also make great pocket stuffers if you want to ditch the microfiber!
  • Covers and Inserts sold individually.
    • Sewn in the USA.

    Sizes Information
    • Smart Cover and Too Smart Inserts
      • Small: 5-16lbs
      • Large: 16+lbs
    • Smartfolds
      • Small: 5-16lbs (unwashed 12" x 15" - washed 12" x 13.5")
      • Medium: 16-24lbs (unwashed 13" x 18.5" - washed 13" x 16.5")
      • Large: 24+lbs (unwashed 15" x 20.5" - washed 15" x 17.5")

    Colors Available
    from back to front
    Mocha, Bright Purple
    Cotton Candy
    Blue Raspberry, Kelly Green

    Smart Cover

    Too Smart Insert


    Too Smart Insert size comparison - Small & Large

    Too Smart Insert tucked inside Smart Cover


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