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Cloth Wipes and Washcloths

Cloth wipes are a simple and easy addition to cloth diapering. 

With cloth wipes you no longer need to keep a trash pail by your changing station. Instead, both your diaper and wipe can go into the same pail or wet bag, and await laundry time. In addition to convenience, cloth wipes are also incredibly economical - no longer will you need to add another box of disposable wipes to your shopping cart (if you've ever walked by the disposable diaper aisle and been pleased you don't need to pick up a box - you'll have a similar feeling with wipes!). 

Use at Home: Some people chose to moisten a day's supply of wipes each morning (especially likely if you use a wipes warmer), while others wet the wipe just before each diaper change. The latter can be done a variety of ways - keep a spray or squirt bottle on your changing table or store the dry wipes by the bathroom sink, or any other method that works best for you. 

Wipe Solutions (aka what is used to moisten the wipe): Some people choose to simply use water on their wipes, while others prefer a wipes solution. There are pre-made solutions available, or you can choose to make your own (Google will turn up a host of recipes). 

Use on the Go: Quite similar to cloth wipes at home - choose whether you'd like to carry pre-moistened wipes or wet the wipes on the spot. A PlanetWise Mini Wet/Dry bag is a fantastic way to transport wipes out of the house. 

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