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Thirsties Fab Wipes

Price $10.75

Product Details
  • Cloth wipes might possibly be the best investment you can make - the average household will spend about $550 in wipes from birth to potty training. By comparison, you will need to spend only about $50 to purchase enough wipes for the same time period. AND, you can reuse these wipes for future children, as rags around the house and a multitude of other uses.
  • 2 ply wipe - textured cotton velour on one side for scrubbier messes and delicate microfleece on the other side for drying or light cleaning
  • Folded in half, these wipes fit perfectly in a repurposed disposable wipes container or wipes warmer
  • Velour side: 85% cotton, 15% polyester; Microfleece side: 100% polyester
  • Made in the USA
  • Six wipes per package
  • Each wipe measures 8" x 8"

Colors Available
  • Boy's - 1 White, 1 Mango, 2 Meadow, 1 Ocean Blue, 1 Honeydew
  • Girl's - 1 White, 1 Mango, 2 Orchid, 1 Ocean Blue, 1 Honeydew

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